Seymore Bottz

Leader of the Owlbear Bandidos


The leader of a band of thieves who terrorized the trade routes in Western Redvale. He leads from the front on raids, and is constantly looking for the next best challenge. He is best known for wearing a breastplate emblazoned with an owlbear and having a diminutive owlbear companion named Owly who he cares for immensely.

Best described as irritable and foolhardy, he runs his band on the concept of loyalty or death. His men know when they signed up that it would be glory and riches, or death by either a foe or comrade.

Seymore met his fate after a raid on a wagon train heading to the city of Panda led to a group of adventurers tracking his group back to their hideout on the border of the wastes outside of the city of Panda.

He fought fiercely, rushing headlong at the adventurers who invaded his home and killed his men. His life ended by a crossbow bolt to the chest when he was on the verge of felling both the fighter and barbarian who were going toe to toe with him.

Seymore Bottz

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