Tessa, Lightfoot Halfling Rogue


Level 2
AC 15
HP 15
Initiative 4
Speed 25
Hit Dice 1d8
Strength 14 ( +2 )
Dexterity 18 ( +4 ) (Proficient)
Constitution 14 ( +2 )
Intelligence 16 ( +3 ) (Proficient)
Wisdom 15 ( +2 )
Charisma 16 ( +3 )


Tessa has been an orphan much of her life. Her parents died when she was about 4 or 5, she doesn’t remember how old she was anymore. What she does remember is the streets. People can be both horrible and wonderful there. She fell in with a group of other youngsters, runaways, orphans, other kids who had no families who varied in age. They took care of each other and kept other people off them. They acted like a family unto each other. They taught Tessa tricks of the street, how to steal to survive, how to pick locks, and how to defend herself if she needed to.

Getting beaten up a few times as a kid, and seeing a fair few people she cared about get beat up when she couldn’t do anything about it has effected Tessa deeply. It’s developed a sense of right and wrong in her and she can’t stand to see someone go through the horrors that she’s experienced. She’ll fight for what she perceives is right and will rescue someone simply because it is the right thing to do.

With this she also has low tolerance for those who consider themselves above the crowd. Those in upper society who think that their money makes them better than everyone else, those that think they can use and hurt others and buy their way out of it. Although unlikely to seek out trouble if Tessa knows that this person is causing trouble around she might not find it out of her way to put this person out of other people’s misery.

Tessa recently has acquired a new companion by the name of Owly when on an adventure with a band of unlikely people from the wagon train she had been taking to the city of Panda. She makes sure to keep Owly well fed to be sure that he keeps away from her little mouse Squeaky, who lives in her Explorers pack.


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